" my daughter in law left with my granddaughter and it was just making me sad to keep seeing her stuff. I gave it to someone who just received her cousins baby boy from Child Services and it turned a sad thing into a good thing!"

" I was able to get some nice sneakers for my nephew and an awesome key chain made for my mil she loved it. I have been able to help various other people with clothes, baby items, toys, dishes, food, adopted a child for Christmas and feel like a better person for being able to help others"

"I helped a young dad by giving him my son's toddler bed he out grew, he had been searching for a bed for his daughter for 2 months."

"I gave my artificial tree that my husband & I used when we were first married to a young mom who couldn't afford a Christmas tree for her son this year."

 "I am from upstate New York and they don't do the things that people in Florida do.I have never seen such kindness from people helping homeless,or if a mom needing baby food whatever anyone is in need of.The move here 4yrs ago has been awesome and thank people like you for being there for anyone in need.My daughter and I love this site she also has done a lot of good things on here"

" The admin went out of her way to make sure me and my children had a thanksgiving meal on thanksgiving And i appreciate it more than any amount of words could ever mean"

" My son posted our church on this web sight for our Fridays food pantry and it was the biggest turn out we had ever had we was blessed to help so many people"

"I have helped several people and it made me feel good to be able to do something for someone else..... Don't quit, many need you....bless you for what you do!"

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